Style matters

As surfing makes its way forward amongst global communities, shifting
cultures, and attempts at becoming a consumable ‘sport’, one ultimate
mystique still remains: style. While progession continues and surfing’s
immeasureable lure spreads further and further, we’re pausing to remind
us all that Style Matters

Episode 1

Our panel of style masters & connoisseurs dig into the eternal lure of style and it's essential role in surfing past, present & future in the first episode of our series with Inherent Bummer.

Episode 2 | Style Icons

In episode 2 of our 4 part series, our panel of style masters and connoisseurs breakdown what makes certain surfers into style icons and how their approach in and out of the water influences generations of style, surfboard designs, and the way we approach waves.

Episode 3 | Evolution of Style

In episode 3 of our 4 part series, our panel of style masters and connoisseurs breakdown the evolution of style over the history of surfing debating that despite constant innovation in maneuvers and board design the universal elements of style remain unchanged.


In the final installment of our 4-part series with Inherent Bummer our panel of style masters and connoisseurs debate why style matters, and how or if we should implement it into competitive surfing. The panel is able to conclude that despite being subjective and difficult to universally define, style is still the answer to everything.

Contestant Sampler

After hundreds of entries for Style Matters, our
Judges have whittled it down to a select few. While they’re working to crown
the winner, here is a sampler of entries oozing with style. Stay tuned as the
winner of 10K and a Gerry Lopez Pipeliner surfboard will be announced in the
coming weeks.