Vissla Cosmic Creek 2016

Vissla Cosmic Creek 2016

Vissla is pleased to announce the 15th Annual Cosmic Creek surf festival!

The Cosmic Creek is a retro-style surf experience paying homage to an earlier era on May 21st and 22nd at Salt Creek Beach in Dana Point, California. Come enjoy a journey back to the alternative, more experimental time of the 1970’s. A place where surfboards ruled the shops, when shapers were gurus, and surfing had a mystical soul about it.

The event will feature three divisions including Locals, Creators & Innovators, and Pros. The Pros and local entrants will meet at the waters edge with Beach Marshal Ralphie and “draw cards” prior to their heat for priority on the board selection. It truly comes down to the luck of the draw as to which board you will surf in your heat as Vissla will supply original 70’s and 80’s Single and Twin fin options for competitors to choose from. The Creators and Innovators division consists of local shapers from San Clemente to Laguna Beach, including Gary Larson of Hobie Surfboards, Dave/Dan Bohne of Infinity Surfboards, Donald Brink, and Ryan Engle to name just a few. While the local entrants and Pros will ride original craft, the Creators & Innovators will ride a craft they shaped themselves inspired by the 70’s and 80’s time period. There will also be a Creators & Innovators tent where you can demo boards from Danny Hess, Haydenshapes, Donald Brink, and Jeff McCallum.

Saturday night, D’Blanc will host a Free concert in Bluff Park of Salt Creek Beach with live music by Allah-Las and Tamaryn. The musical journey back in time will continue with Reverberation Radio who will be on the beach each day playing obscure, dusted-off vinyl and our all-time favorites. After School Special vibing on the beach on Saturday and The Helmets, a band of four kids all under the age of 12, will be rocking out on the beach on Sunday to make sure your ears stay ringing.

Local vendors will provide provisions at the event, which include breakfast and lunch by Shwack and your morning caffeine jitters by Stumptown Coffee Roasters.

Cosmic Creek is open to the public and a true gathering of legends, groms, craftsmen and storytellers. Cosmic has become a soulful grassroots eclectic surf gathering, a celebration of heritage and platform to swap ideas about surfboards, music and art.

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Schedule of Events:

8:00am - 14 & Under Round 1 (60 Min)
9:00am - 15-18 Round 1 (80 Min)
10:20am - 19-24 Round 1 (60 Min)
11:20am - 25-34 Round 1 (80 Min)
12:40pm - 35-44 Round 1 (60 Min)
1:40pm - 45-54 Round 1 (60 Min)
2:40pm - 14 & Under Semi-final (20 Min)
3:00pm - 15-18 Semi-final (40 Min)
3:40pm - 19-24 Semi-final (20 Min)
4:00pm - 25-34 Semi-final (40 Min)

5:45pm - 6:00pm - DJ
6:00pm - 6:45pm - Tamaryn
6:45pm - 7:00 - Intermission
7:00pm - 8:00pm - Allah-Las

8:00am - 35-44 Semi-final (25 Min)
8:25am - 45-54 Semi-final (25 Min)
8:50am - 55+ Final (25 Min)
9:15am - Creators & Innovators Round 1 (75 Min)
10:30am - Pro Round 1 (50 Min)
11:20am - 14 & Under Final (25 Min)
11:45am - 15-18 Final (25 Min)
12:10pm - Creators & Innovators Semi-final (25 Min)
12:35pm - 19-24 Final (25 Min)
1:00pm - 25-34 Final (25 Min)
1:25pm - Pro Final (25 Min)
1:50pm - 35-44 Final (25 Min)
2:15pm - Creators & Innovators Final (25 Min)
2:40pm - 45-54 Final (25 Min)