Sound Biscuits | Jack Coleman

Introducing the first iteration of ‘Sound Biscuits’ – a series of playlists highlighting various themes and energies from our crew of creators and innovators. Who better to kick it off than Jack Coleman – not long after the release of his most recent full length film ‘Natural High’. Tap in to the tunes below and read through for a quick catch up with Jack. Be sure to check out Natural High available now on Vimeo OnDemand.

Artwork for our 'Sound Biscuits' series by Thomas Campbell.

What’s up Jack, what have you been up to? 

Well today is the big showing of Natural High here in Encinitas, so this is the BIG one! Been on a few small screening shows as well over the past month or two. Went to Japan, Florida, and screened movie at a couple events. This has led me to now, the FINAL edit is finished and ready to release it to the world after tonight, so yah been up to alot putting together screenings and fine tuning the edit after those screenings, making the movie stronger & tighter as I went along.

What kind of music have you been enjoying lately?

Hard to explain, but I'll put it to you in a medium sized 'Nutshell'. I'm currently into lots of music that is not in English, so that would World Music genre I'm guessing! Just love hearing songs that have a beat all their own, like African music there is a very strong possibility that you have no idea what they are singing about, but the song is so amazing you just go along, and are loving it the whole time! Really into more upbeat dance type sounds, on in particular is a song from Natural High, by Amadou & Mariam - Filaou Bessame is the song. Go listen to that, & thats what I'm into currently!

We’re pretty excited to see your new film, Natural High, tell us a little bit about it.

Its a 3 year long project so lots went into it to get it to where it is now. It's hard in this day and age to create a surf movie that can be more than just surfing laid atop some music, I wanted to make a cohesive movie that had an underlying positive message, and I feel the movie accomplishes that in spades! Dream come true to have a surfing Icon like John Peck preface the film, and be the inspiration behind the making of the film. John has a grace about him, so grounded and wise, & I feel like a National Treasure for our surf culture & years to come! What is the giver of all life on this planet? Answer is, the Sun, I feel like the movie is a simple message to get people to turn closer to God & harmonize that into surfing, which is the ultimate "Natural High".

How do you go about choosing the music for a film like Natural High?

Just like any art, it takes time. Lots of digging, lots of archiving, trying to line up the surfers movements to the songs is usually when i know what song to put to a surfer. For instance, Derrick has the final section in the movie, so wanted to end the film on a really high note, so Diz's section is set to Shigeru Suzuki - Passion Flower" a super high energy upbeat Japanese track. So there is method to the madness. But yah, im constantly on the lookout for deep cuts, underground sounds, mostly older stuff, but 90s are old now, so love early 70s-to early mid 90s music. Always love sharing the music that was passed to me & made me feel good to listen to. The soundtrack is sacred to me, and alot of people take a song or two away from each movie ive made, and incorporate them into their everyday lives.

How does NH music differ from some of your past films?

If's more cohesive, with an overall theme. Like i said, its challenging to do that with a surf first movie, cause at the end of the day im making a surf movie so it needs to feature a top-tear level of performance. NH features some really unique shapes mostly from Burch like his picklefork, theres a couple sections in the movie fully devoted to that design. Hope to think that this is my best one to date, hoping everyone feels the same. Wanted to make a movie that lasts more than a couple years, surf movies have a very short shelf life, think NH has the possibility of accomplishing that goal :)

Do you have favorite surf film soundtrack of all time?

Yah gotta couple - "Searching for Tom Curren" life changing soundtrack opened everybody's mind to what was possible on different equipment. "Bunyip Dreaming" Jack McCoys movie was a favorite of mine years ago, rooted in Aboriginal music it was upbeat and fun for its time. 1998 "Magna Plasm" was my go to just put it on, let it play all day on DVD, this movie proved that structural surf movies were a thing of the past, and anything was possible when editing sounds to surfing.

What’s in this playlist?

Couple songs im into at the moment. Things always change, just like life, you realize you must move forward, keep progressing & appreciating. Check China Crisis song - Bigger the Punch Im Feeling, this song has been my fave fave for 2 half years still not sick of it! Through in some songs from breakdancing days as well, kinda fun. But yah, i feel like the list has a semi-dance party feel to it, just like Natural High!

Any last words?

Excited for people to see 'Natural High', haven't told anyone yet - but it's going to be released to public in 2 days available for purchase or rental via 'Vimeo On Demand'! So great way to support Independent surf film would be go get it. Promise, soundtrack alone is worth the price of admission :) Like John Peck ending an email or text: AUM.