Umbrella listening for the changing seasons on our latest ‘Sound Biscuits’ playlist featuring slow melodic rhythms and surreal ambiance via Derrick Disney. Check out his playlist and read our catch up with Derrick below.


Hey Derrick ! What have you been up to?

Hey Brian. I have been making boards and art lately at home. Also trying to get waves when there have been waves. Enjoying the summertime but also excited for fall.

What kind of music have you been listening to lately?

Been listening to a lot of Spotify going haywire off of the regulars like Blaze Foley, Michael Hurley, Brian Eno and such.

Is the music you listen to while shaping different that what you normally listen to? If so how and why?

Umm not really. What I listen to is directly connected to my mood. So if I am wanting to jam on some boards I will listen to something up beat much like if I need to wake up or something. Or if I feel mellow I will listen to something mellow. It is funny though how the time it takes to shape a board is pretty connected to the strength of the music. One time I was really into this book on tape and that made me take forever on boards because it felt like I was watching a movie while shaping.

Does music inspire your shaping or art?

I wouldn’t say that music directly inspires the final product but it sure does alter the process or experience. It is nice to enjoy the music and the process simultaneously.

What song would you like to surf to in the next Vissla film?

I don’t know man. Some instrumental or something. I like the droned out long instrumentals paired with surfing. But I don’t have a particular song in mind.

Can you tell me a little about your playlist?

Well when Thomas hit me up about making a playlist he requested that it sort of connected to a theme. I responded with, “I guess I could go through my saved songs and find some that fit under an umbrella.” And he was all, “oh I like that, Umbrella, I like that word!” Haha. So that was in my mind when selecting songs and it kind of transpired into songs that I could picture being under an umbrella in the rain listening to. They have a slow melodic rhythm to them much like the rain. Kind of surreal and ambient.

Any last words?

Happy listening

Artwork by: Thomas Campbell