Creators Gathering 2023

This year, we brought our Creators & Innovators together at Sage Mountain in San Simeon, California for another rendition of our annual Creators Gathering. Tucked away in a lush, wet, canyon just off the Central California coast, Sage Mountain provided for a quiet, removed setting for creative collaboration, board building, artwork, and good times. For a few days in the canyon, the craftsman came together to riff on board design theories, bringing creative concepts to life and of course surfing.

Film & Edit by Brian Elliott Shop the Creators Collection HERE.


Special Thanks

Tim Radecki

Chad Jackson



805 Beer

US Blanks


Nautilus Surf Co.

Creators & Innovators: Alex Lopez, Alex 'Superwolf' Villalobos, Chad Jackson, Danny Hess, Derrick Disney, Donald Brink, Jack Coleman, Jason Woodside, Jeff, McCallum, Jeremiah Klein, John Simon, Brian Elliott, Nick Melanson, Travis Reynolds, and Thomas Campbell.