In this installation of our ‘Sound Biscuits’ playlist series we discover that Alex Lopez is not only a Creator and Innovator but also a Weener. As a Ween superfan, it was only fitting for Alex to share his favorite tunes by the group for you to enjoy. Catch up with Lopez to talk music and life lately below:

Hey Alex! What have you been up to?

Hi Bri guy, just shaping and surfing and trying to not eat bread.

What kind of music have you been listening to lately? 

Little bit of everything a lot of live shows on youtube. 

Can you explain your fascination with Ween? Does listening to ween help your shaping?

They’re great and they make good music to walk circles around a dark room all day.  

Probably a little unknown in the surf industry, but you have a background in snowboarding. Did old snowboarding films influence your music growing up?

Oh ya, old snowboard movies had the sickest soundtracks.

In your opinion, which snow film has the best soundtrack? 

The intro to Subject Haakonsen to “Over the electric grapevine”.

Who is your favorite Creator to road trip with? 

Probably Jack cause he loves all the same music as me and he usually drives and pays for gas.

What song would you like to surf to in the next Vissla film? 

That one sick one by Taylor Swift.

Who’s your current favorite surfer at pipeline? 

Noa Mizuno 

Any last words?

Feb 17-18th back to back shows in Del Mar. Yee haw. 

Artwork by Thomas Campbell